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A 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase is a high-quality KING  size Grey or Ivory zipper style pillowcase that protects your hair and skin while you sleep. 

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A 100% Mulberry Silk pillowcase is a high-quality KING  size Grey or Ivory zipper style pillowcase that protects your hair and skin while you sleep. 

100% High-quality silk pillowcases. Amazing hair protection & luxury with a purpose.  100% guaranteed or money back. Best Silk Pillowcase Created, Tested, and Guaranteed by a Hairstylist.


  • Silk pillowcases prevent hair breakage and extend the length of blowout
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and resists to dust mites for a clean sleep experience
  • These pillowcases also prevent wrinkles by allowing better moisture retention
  • These 100% Silk Pillowcases are made from 100% mulberry silk. Zero polyesters, no dyes, and hypoallergenic. 


The highest-quality silk - mulberry silk, which is made from silkworms who eat from the leaves of the mulberry tree. It's the most durable silk and also the softest, which makes it ideal for a high-traffic item like a pillowcase

Care Kit

Machine wash gentle.

Use a liquid dissolved into the water like tide pods or woolite. However, I have used a small amount of bleach to test as well as other detergents. The silk hold up very well. Dry flat or use gentle dry setting

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Embrace mornings with confidence and bid farewell to bad hair days.

Transform your beauty sleep with our silk pillowcases and accessories. Crafted with expertise and using only the finest materials, they work wonders while you rest: reducing wrinkles, split ends, greasy roots, and frizz.


Healthy Skin & Hair While You Sleep

Sleep better, & Wake Up with More Youthful, Healthier, Less Dry Hair and Skin

Using a luxury high quality 100% Silk pillowcase for retaining moisture which reduces hair breakage and face wrinkles while you sleep is guaranteed by a hairstylist for long hair customers, hair extensions, and chemotherapy patients.


After years of experience in the hair industry and seeing a need for products that everyone needs, Lori created this wonderful pillowcase for herself and her clients, Lori Fudens is also making this available for anyone who also is undergoing chemotherapy and struggling with restless sleep or a sensitive scalp.

Not only is this great for women with hair extensions, color treated, and long hair but recently Lori discovered that it also will relieve some of the sensitivity experienced when a patient is losing hair or has sensitive scalp, while trying to sleep. Because true 100% silk is frictionless, it doesn't catch the hair or scalp and is easier on the person so sleep isn't interrupted.

This has been tested, created and guaranteed to see a difference in the way a person sleeps for the better.

If you know anyone who needs a pillowcase donated and is going through chemo treatments please contact her at

Meet Lori Fudens

30 years in the hair industry helping women create healthier hair led to this wonderful product anyone can use and benefit from. Lori created, tested and guarantees her 100% silk products with 100% refund if you are not satisfied.

3 Factors Leading to Hair Damage Caused by Pillows



    This is the before and after used of Silk Pillowcase:

    ✅ 100% Silk Product

    ✅ Hypoallergenic

    ✅ Keeps skin and hair hydrated

    ✅ Regulates temperature

    ✅ Friction-free material

    ✅ Less brittle hair

    ✅ Healthy Hair

    ✅ Restful sleep

    ✅ Highly Recommended by Hair Stylist

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

best sleep i’ve had in a whilee, plus I won’t lie my acne has gotten a lot better from switching pillowcases, overall extremely high quality and it keeps my pillow cold so I’d definitely recommend.

A.B. Hairstylist
I love this pillowcase

I'm trying to grow the sides of my hair longer since they were broken off and short. This is a game changer. My face and hair feel so much better than with cotton. I am telling all of my clients to get one too!

Sherene B.

I love my new silk pillowcase! Its my first time with a silk one. My hair and skin feel much more protected with it and it was very affordable too!

M.B. (Chemotherapy patient)
The silk pillowcase is fabulous!

Im sleeping through the whole night now. This has made my sleep possible while Im getting regular treatments.


It is so soft! It feels so good to sleep on. I could tell a difference right away. Great product. Thank you!

Got question?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a  100% silk pillowcase?

Using a silk pillowcase  ( NOT satin) can provide benefits such as reducing hair frizz and breakage, preventing wrinkles, promoting smoother skin, and offering a cooler and more comfortable sleep experience in the summer. It repels moisture instead of taking it away form your skin and hair. Sleeping with Luxurious 100% Mulberry silk creates a more youthful skin appearance and healthier hair.

How does a silk pillowcase differ from a regular cotton pillowcase?

A silk pillowcase differs by offering a smoother and more luxurious surface, reducing friction on hair and skin, helping to maintain moisture balance, and minimizing the appearance of sleep lines and creases on the face. ZERO polyester or fillers are used in ours. No Satin, Cotton or anything other than
High Quality, Luxury Mulberry Silk is used.

What size options are available for your silk pillowcases?

King Size at this time

Is the silk used in your pillowcases 100% pure and natural?

Yes, the silk used in our pillowcases is 100% pure and natural Mulberry Silk

Can a silk pillowcase help reduce hair frizz and breakage?

Totally! By having less friction against the hair and skin ( liek in cotton pilllowcases) the hair texture remains the way it was when you lay down at night.

Will a silk pillowcase help prevent wrinkles and promote smoother skin?

Yes it locks in moisture to the hair and skin instead of absorbing it away and soaking it into the cotton. Silk repels moisture

How do I care for and clean my silk pillowcase?

Machine wash gentle. Use a liquid dissolved into the water like tide pods or woolite. However, I have used a small amount of bleach to test as well as other detergents. The silk hold up very well. Dry flat or use gentle dry setting.

Are your silk pillowcases hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes completely. We have even had customers going through chemotherapy and with a sensitive scalp they have said that it made all the difference in the world in the comfort of the scalp and makes their sleep more possible! Very sensitive skin and hair benefits from sleeping on silk.

Do your pillowcases have a hidden zipper closure for a snug fit?

Yes! Alos the pillow will not slide out since its a hidden zipper method.

Can I expect a cooler and more comfortable sleep with a silk pillowcase?

  • Yes they stay cool at night in the summer and warm at night in the winter. 

Are your silk pillowcases suitable for all hair types, including curly and textured hair?

Yes and more suitable for texture hair types. It reduces tangles while you sleep because of there being less friction.